Thank you for all the beautiful baked goods and the tasty contest entries! The bake sale raised just over $1250 for the PA––A delicious success! The winners for the baking contest are listed below. Congratulations to all our student bakers!

Thank you to Whisk for donating gift cards to our First and Second place winners and to Drew, Matt, Elie, and Nicole for judging!

!st and 2nd Grade
First Place – Gus Potter, 2nd Grade
Second Place – Lionel and Oscar Williams, 2nd Grade;
Third Place – Lula Williams, 1st Grade

3rd and 4th Grade
First Place – Oona Doolan, 3rd Grade 
Second Place – Aiden Berger, 4th Grade
Third Place – Chole Irizarry, 3rd Grade

5th and 6th Grade
First Place – Charlie Reardon, 5th Grade
Second Place – Abigail Mangerson, 5th Grade
Third Place – Susannah Carroll and Petra Jawde