The mission of the Williamsburg Northside School Parent Association (WNS PA) is to promote a strong sense of community within the school as well as to financially support the school’s mission be a reflection of the neighborhood we serve, the city we live in, and the world we wish to create. This year, we will continue to work with the school towards funding comprehensive need-based scholarships, promote greening initiatives within the school, and sponsor events that benefit both parents and students of all ages.


The mission of the WNS PA is to:

  • foster a warm, welcoming and collaborative environment that promotes involvement and inclusiveness for all WNS families;

  • raise funds to contribute to need-based after-school scholarships and other PA initiatives through various events;

  • facilitate communication between parents and the school administration;

  • advocate for healthy food programs and sustainable greening initiatives for the school; and,

  • support the school’s efforts in achieving optimum, rewarding and inspiring outcomes for all students.


Achieving this mission can be a lot of fun, and it cannot happen without parent involvement. As a parent or guardian of a Northside student, you are automatically a welcome member of the WNS PA. The PA counts on each family to volunteer a minimum of one half-hour of time over the course of the school year in order to accomplish our shared goals. Parents can do this by contributing to the efforts in planning PA events; volunteering during events; joining any of the PA Committees to lend a helping hand and voice; or by becoming a class parent at the start of the year.

Begin by filling out the short GET INVOLVED form.


  • More informed and connected parents. Parents involved in the PA understand the challenges that the school faces and become part of the solution. The best way to stay informed about what’s going on in the school is to attend PA meetings: an excellent forum to hear of plans and to exchange ideas for the future.

  • Enhances the school. The PA plays a critical part in fundraising for after-school scholarships, which promotes diversity in our school and an inclusive environment for all of our students.

  • Creates a strong community. The PA meetings and events are opportunities to meet other parents and WNS community members and build rapport and friendships.

  • Boosts children’s well-being. The PA focuses on what students need in order to be successful in school, including the benefits of good nutrition and health, school safety, enrichments, etc.

  • Supports academic progress. Research has proven that children do better in school when parents are involved in the success of the school.


Foster a warm, welcoming, and collaborative environment which promotes involvement and inclusiveness for ALL WNS families;

  • Facilitate communication between parents and the school administration;

  • Raise funds through various activities and events to contribute to need-based scholarships and other PA initiatives;

  • Advocate for healthy food programs and sustainable greening initiatives for the entire student body; and

  • Engage students and families in activities that positively impact the school community, our neighboring community, and our environment.

However you choose to be involved, we hope you will find the PA to be a welcoming community that supports you and your family. Please feel free to email the PA at wnspa@willnorth.org, contact your class parent, your campus liaison, or any PA Officer, with questions or comments.