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Preschool Playdate and Puppet Show

  • Williamsburg Northside School, Preschool Campus 152 North 5th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

The WNS PA invites you to another play date for the little members of Williamsburg Northside school and their families from 10 - 12 on Saturday, April 29th in the Preschool Gym. 

At 10:30 ‘The Shadowbox theater’ will perform the puppet-shadow show ‘The Growing Rock’

Americans believe that everything has a spirit, a kind of life of its own. The sun, the wind, the moon...and even the rocks. So sets the stage for The Growing Rock, a Southwest Native American tale which invokes the magic of the desert and its creatures. The puppets look like they have just jumped off the page of the storybook into your space. The children will clap and sing and chant with Mamma Bluefeather, who has not yet taught her babies to fly; the Baby Bluebirds, who are trapped on the top of the Growing Rock because of jealous Crow; the Mountain Lion, the Rabbit and the Buzzard who try to help; and finally the Measuring Worm, who is a powerful Medicine Man. Our storyteller/puppeteer and musician/guitarist actively engage the help of the children in the audience to resolve the story and bring the baby birds to safety. Adapted from Native American songs and rhythms, the score and chanting contribute to the power and poignancy of The Growing Rock. 

$20 per family at the door. Coffee and snacks will also be available for a small donation.

We are also looking for few volunteers for this event. Please email

Earlier Event: April 25
Later Event: May 9