The Inclusivity Committee's goal is to celebrate the diversity among WNS community members; to foster a culture of openness to and appreciation of our differences; to embrace our greater commonality; and to work with WNS administrators on inclusivity related issues. The committee plans and hosts the Family Table potluck event at the end of each school year, which celebrates the various cultures represented in our community through the food that we eat. 

The Gala Committee's goal is to raise the bulk of funds for PA after-school scholarships by planning and executing the largest PA party of the school year, the Annual Gala and Auction. This committee and its sub-committees solicit and organize donations to be auctioned at the event and online, select a venue for the event, arrange for food and donations and purchases, and design and execute the event decor and entertainment including DJ and photo booth.

The PA Food, Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to the holistic well being of our children. The Committee aims to engender a full appreciation of the linkages between nutrition, local food sourcing, good health and environmental responsibility, globally and locally. The Committee organizes the annual Bake Sale and other wellness-based events throughout the year.

The Community Committee is committed to serving the greater Williamsburg Community. In the past this committee has helped clean up McCarren Park and has created craft kits for children in nearby hospitals with the help of Project Sunshine.

The Greening Committee is busy helping to make each WNS campus greener! The committee maintains and continies to improve the 5th floor terrace at the PK-8 campus, the cafeteria air-cleaning plants, Meeker Street and the planters in front of the PK-8 Campus. The committee with also be working to green the preschool roof after it’s renovation next fall. The committee is also dedicated to its Zero Waste initiative working towards our end goal of composting all food waste and full recycling program implementation. Green thumbs and earth-friendly souls are needed so the committee can take this to the next level!

The Communications Committee crafts and distributes the posters for all regular PA events, assists with the maintenance of the PA website and calendar, and keeps a visual record of all events. The committee is looking for graphic artists and designers to get involved! Goals for the 2019-20 school year include instagram and twitter accounts.


The President provides strategic planning and leadership across the entire association. This role includes liaising with school administration, overseeing all events and initiatives, managing the PA leadership team, delegating tasks, and representing the voice of the parent community.

In addition to supporting the President, the VP focuses on the recruitment of dedicated parents to support PA events and initiatives. They also seek partnerships within the school community as well as surrounding community to support our initiatives. (Note that in the event of co-officers being nominated for the role of President, there may be no need for a VP.)

The Treasurer manages the available PA funds and creates a working budget for the association. This role includes objectives such as utilizing financial resources accountably and monitoring the association’s bottom line, files the taxes in the spring, and reimburses PA members for expenses.

This role includes regularly attending PA meetings to take minutes, record and allocate actions and tasks. The Secretary also manages the administrative needs of the organization and assists with drafting correspondence.


This role includes recruiting willing class parents and equipping them with the talking points and tools to share with their fellow classroom parents. This person will help coordinate the team of class parent volunteers reporting to them.

This role spearheads the major fundraising efforts for the PA with the full support of the other committee chairs.

A Middle School parent who can represent the needs of the Middle School community, help implement Middle School initiatives, and assist the school with planning the Middle School Dance in the springwith the full support of the other committee chairs.

A Lower School parent who can represent the needs of the Lower School community, help implement Lower School initiatives, and plan the Lower School Movie Night with the full support of the other committee chairs.

PRESCHOOL (2's + 3's classrooms) DIVISION HEAD
A Preschool parent who can represent the needs of the Preschool student body, help implement Preschool initiatives, and plan Preschool Playdates with the full support of the other committee chairs.